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Financial Security

All too often, unforeseen circumstances can strike which will almost definitely derail the best-laid financial plans. At WFM, while unfortunately we can’t help reduce the risk of such events happening, we work with our clients to mitigate the devastating impact they potentially could have on your journey to Financial Freedom.

By gaining clarity at the outset of your particular situation, we examine the risk that an illness or indeed death (of you, a family member or a business partner) would have financially on you, your family and your business. We then will help you to put solutions in place that will help you financially if such an unfortunate event arose.

You can lessen the financial impact of these events and provide financial security for you and / or your family or business in such an event by planning:

Once the required protections are in place, your journey towards Financial Freedom can continue, safe in the knowledge that financial support is available at a time of these unforeseen events. As part of this process, we help you to define what your main risk areas are, how you are exposed financially to these events and what levels of protection you need against them. As soon as your needs are identified, we ensure that you get the required cover in as tax efficient manner possible, at the lowest cost available in the market all with the minimum of fuss.

If you would like to find out more about how your plan for Financial Freedom can be kept on track and withstand unforeseen events , please give us a call at 01 6510613 or email us at info@wfm.ie

Financial Security

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