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Financial Freedom


Financial Freedom is about having accumulated sufficient assets to allow you to maintain your chosen lifestyle to the end of your days. We want you to be able to live your desired lifestyle from a date chosen by you. We want to help you to build up sufficient assets in a cost effective, tax efficient manner to fully support your lifestyle after your income from your profession has stopped

It entails gaining an understanding of when you will become dependent on your asset base built up so far. To some, this is often your retirement date. For others, it is much earlier than the traditional band of between age 60 and 70. It also entails helping you gain an in-depth understanding of your desired lifestyle costs and the anticipated number of years you potentially will incur these costs whilst Financially Free. We then help you develop a strategy to ensure you will have the require level of assets by maximising your financial potential both before and after your chosen target date.

At WFM, we help you to attain Financial Freedom by structuring a tailor made plan that will help you to:

At WFM we take a holistic view of your all investment needs. We believe they must be in symmetry as they have a common goal – to help you achieve Financial Freedom. Each will have different timeframes and indeed different short-terms requirements but all solutions must point in the same long-term direction.

This is where our experience comes in. We are highly experienced in helping our clients’ avail of the following:

If your plan needs a financial product (i.e. a vehicle which will assist you in achieving your particular financial goals) , we have access tothe products of a wide range of life assurance companies, stockbrokers, asset management companies and banks. This enables us to take a rigorous approach to product selection to ensure that any solution meets your specific requirement and is appropriate for your own appetite to risk.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to achieve your own target of becoming Financially Free, please give us a call at 01 6510613 or email us at info@wfm.ie

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